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All dogs are groomed on a one to one basis with our groomers and we only use the highest quality natural products that have had extensive use in the pet grooming industry.

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With over 15 years combined grooming experience and a choice of male and female groomers, you can be rest assured that your four legged friend will be in safe, experienced hands!

As well as our extensive grooming experience, we also owned and operated our own Doggie Day Care centre which required comprehensive dog handling skills including a broad knowledge of a dogs behaviour and their immediate interaction with us. This provides us with a unique perspective and understanding of your dogs needs and behaviour during the grooming process to ensure he or she is as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

We offer flexible appointment times to fit in with busy life schedules. Appointments are available 6 days a week. We have 2 mobile grooming parlours (specially converted vans) to serve our clients and each is fully equipped with all the necessary grooming equipment and also all operate a “Warm Freshwater Cleaning System” that means your dog is washed, rinsed and finished with a continuous supply of warm freshwater to provide the cleanest possible results for your dog – and remember, we come to you and all grooming takes place right outside your door in one of our converted vans.

That personal to your door service we offer means that you don’t have to allocate the time and expense necessary to take your dog to and from the grooming parlour which, in many cases, can be an all day affair for your dog. We can arrive and complete the full grooming service for you in around an hour for most small to medium sized dogs.

As well as offering the warm freshwater cleaning system, our mobile grooming salons come fully equipped with everything you’d find at most of your local grooming parlours including the facility to heat the van during the colder months.

We offer the following grooming services;

  • Full coat clips and trims to a style of your choice or breed standard.
  • Health check which includes a visual assessment of the coat and skin condition, ear cleanliness and a check on fur growth in the ear, a pad and nail examination and finally a mouth check for teeth and gum condition.
  • If your four legged friend has any unwanted visitors (fleas, ticks etc..) we offer a full treatment service and advice regarding eradication and prevention. All our vans are treated regularly with Indorex Flea Spray (or equivalent) which provides continuous protection (one treatment lasts 6 months) but we defest at least once a month and always after an infestation is found on any dog. Please note that if your dog is found to have an infestation we will treat the condition during washing process with an appropriate shampoo but in order to help the effectiveness of its operation and to prevent spreading the contamination further, we do not use the high velocity dryer but offer a towel dry instead.
  • Nail trimming and Care – all nails, including those awkward dew claws (not forgetting the  hanging one’s on the rear legs) are carefully assessed and where necessary trimmed to an appropriate length.
  • Coat Care and Conditioning – Our groomers will assess your dogs coat and dependent upon age/condition, will select an appropriate shampoo followed by a conditioning treatment. We only stock and use Wildwash Natural Skin and Coat Care products for pets. They are currently the only product in the marketplace to use 100% natural botanical ingredients and list every single product used during manufacture. They come fully recommended by vets and are the 1st product to achieve a 3 star rating by ASCAS – the Animal Shampoo and Cosmetics Association Standard. Being 100% natural as well they are completely safe for the environment and as a mobile grooming service we feel that is extremely important. Please view our website – www.dialadogwashwarrington.co.uk – for more detailed information on the Wildwash Product range and why we feel it is essential to ensure your dog is washed in the best possible available products in the marketplace today.
  • One to One Attention – your dog will receive the groomers undivided attention during the grooming process and will not suffer any undue stress as a result of being in the company of other dogs (as is the case at many parlours). Weather permitting, our groomers like to work with the van doors open so your dog is aware of exactly where he or she is which again reduces stress and makes them feel more at ease (please note your dog is fully secure at all times and sometimes it may be necessary to partially or fully close the van doors especially during cold or wet periods).
  • Freshwater Washing -  It is a fact that the majority of other mobile groomers use a recycled water facility that means your dog will never be washed or rinsed in clean water. Apart from not ensuring that your dog is as clean as possible from all that muck, grease and grime that is hiding in the coat, there is also the risk that grooming products such as shampoos and conditioners will not be fully rinsed out of the coat and as such any remaining residues will only increase the chance that your dog could suffer skin irritations and complaints which could ultimately lead to expensive trips to the vets. With our cavernous water storage tank you can be rest assured that even the largest of dogs will not exhaust our clean water supply.
  • High Velocity Drying and De-Shedding - The drying process is again a one to one service and at all times the groomer is in full control. We have numerous drying attachments and settings on the dryer that ensures that even the most nervous of dogs is not stressed by the drying process. On the rare occasions that a dog does not like the dryer our groomer will not hesitate to stop the groom – a stressed dog is an unhappy dog and our principle ethos is that no dog will suffer undue stress and worry whilst in our care. Under no circumstances do we cage dry your dog – the drying process is reliant on the groomer operating the machinery 100% of the time – as such you can rest assured your dog will not suffer from stress or over heating etc..as is often the case if cage dried.

Please feel free to ask how our pioneering Freshawater Washing System works and also please ask for a demonstration – most other mobile operations do not have the facility to offer a fully functional freshwater system so look out for the recycled water operations out there!

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